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Pamoja Tuwalee is a five year Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) program funded by USAID that focuses on supporAng the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW) to lead the naAonal response to meet the needs of Most Vulnerable Children (MVC).These efforts also address HIV prevenAon among youth. The program seeks to improve the wellbeing of 150,000 MVCs and their caregivers in 37,500 households using sustainable approaches such asstrengthening the capacity of local government authoriAes(LGAs) to plan,coordinate,and monitor the MVC response,supporAng child protecAon systems,and increasing youth parAcipaAon in addressing the obstacles that MVCs face.

IMPLEMENTATION FRAMEWORK:Through the Pamoja Tuwalee program,localstructures,including community commiOees,local government,para-­‐socialworkers,volunteers,civil society organizaAons(CSOs) and the private sector,are strengthened to increase the capacity of MVCs and their caretakers to address socioeconomic challenges such as access to criAcal health and social services, improved food and nutriAon, psychosocial support,social protecAon against Gender Based Violence(GBV),household economic strengthening, educaAon,and vocaAonal training. Pamoja Tuwalee promotes household economic strengthening acAviAes to meet the unique needs of OVC,ensuring sustainability of theprogram. Africare also works with public and private sector partners to deliver sustainable results beyond the life of the project. ! Africare is strengthening the insAtuAonal capacity of 22 local government authoriAes (LGAs) and 17 local CSOs to plan and implement the OVC response, in addiAon to

Monitoring and evaluate the intervene in their respect districts. Pamoja Tuwalee Partners with UMATI, a national reproductive health organization that works to expand reproduce Ave health and HIV prevention services to children, and the Tanzania Home Economics Association (TAHEA) to lead activities in Iringa And Njombe. Futures Group International offers technical leadership to the project in its Monitoring And Evaluation strategy. Within this group of partners, Africare Also provides technical leadership, manages all sub–‐grants to partners and directly strengthens the capacity of local structures, including LGAs, In planning, advocating for and monitoring OVC interventions.

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